BeGood Photocell

This product is part of a range of electric home automation devices.

The photocell was studied to facilitate installation, considering safety norms as well as common procedures adopted by electricians (new products must be designed according to steps usually followed by electricians during their work).

The new design of the photocell ensures high pointing performances offering a flexible and more practical use in all positions.

The company wanted to introduce new options for this kind of product as a battery powered version (practical when devices cannot be electrically charged) and a green solution with a solar panel to create an autonomous energy kit complying with the latest consumer behaviour standards.

The final product includes three parts: a wall bracket which can be walled-in (or set with cable trunking) for cable laying and a main structure which is shaped according to the size of its batteries. The back of the support is completely separated from the wall to allow its pivoting while its front is in polycarbonate with a clear-cut style, as the remote control of this range, which enhances its proportions.

The support can pivot in all directions and electricians during installation can position the product in three directions. The design was specifically focused on the inclination (and visualization) of the photocell, which is crucial for its sensing and setting, and at the same time conforms to its stylistic unity and identity.

As an outcome, technical and functional performances combine with an elegant, clear-cut, essential design which can be appreciated both from a front and side view.




DESIGNSUMISURA was in charge of the design and also of the engineering of the photocell and all its components. Clients particularly appreciate this comprehensive service as companies are looking for suppliers which can provide for the moulding of products even in the stages following sampling.


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